Tuesday, September 18, 2012

oh yea

we djed a party, i have a track on this compilation



- timthay

Saturday, June 23, 2012


We have a very special show coming up, djing alongside some great acts at APKLIVE, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

On july 6,fucking sms crew will be djing between bands and after, alongside CASTLEDRUM homie LIVE ACTION FEZZ, RLMDL and touring bands; YOUNG MAGIC and QUILT, from da Brooklyn and Boston.

Both YOUNG MAGIC (brookyln) and QUILT (boston) have gained amazing coverage at all the stops, pitchfork, stereogum, etc, you know, all those yuppy reading hipster websites.

QUILT, they have a song called "disco music for trees"

but man RLMDL brings; sexy-crimp-ass-romantic vibes on his set, the Toronto producer and fellow SWEET MAGIC fam/ hearthrob can single handidly make you fall in love with a lightbulb when listening to him live, the kicks just reminisce in your heart and it makes you wanna be a cat on drugs

speaking of cats, mr LIVE ACTION FEZZ, just released an amazing release on PRETTY PRETTY RECORDS.
 "CHANGES" is the culmination of dark meets light; alot of UK FUNKY/BASS meets AVANT GARDE POP. With a crazy slew of projects under his belt and a crazy showing at KAZOO FEST, this 20 something year old basically runs Guelph and is sure to take over our ear drums as well.


im dropping mercy, when ya'll get drunkkkkkkkkk

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

POX_PARTY : Spring 2012 Promo Mix

Spring 2012 Promo Mix
01. Mixed Numbers - Nautiluss
02. Unique Form - Peter Bailey
03. Front Pocket (Nicole Moudaber Remix) - Sian & Mladen Tomic
04. Bamboo - Mr. Bizz
05. The Drummer - Jay Lumen
06. Professor Nice Love - Catz 'n Dogz
07. Pintoresco - Hollen
08. Carioca - Pirupa
09. Bankrupt - Mihalis Safras
10. Rat Alert - Jan Driver
11. Walkie Talkie Dub - Jesse Rose & Oliver $
12. Class A - Funkystepz

Thursday, April 5, 2012

poxparty 2012

max piorkowski & timthay present : POX PARTY


Thursday, March 22, 2012




once again check out the launch party for SWEET MAGIC LONDON, we will be spinngin, future ghetto, techno quirk, french disco and bass.

1. Pearson Sound - Let Me See What U Workin With 
2. Tyga - Rack City (Mal & Pasteman Bootleg) 
3. Manare - Belly Dance 
4. French Fries - Charlotte 
5. Samo Sound Boy - Taking It All 
6. Pirate Soundsystem - Jericho 
7. Coni - Suma 
8. Jacques Greene - These Days 
9. DJ Funeral - Bounce Dat 
10. Brenmar - So High 
11. Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code 
12. High Powered Boys - Crash 
13. Sinden - G Like Me (Brenmar Remix) 
14. DJ Sliink - Vibrate 
15. Kodiak - Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix) 
16. DJ Sliink - Whine For Me 
17. Girl Unit - IRL 
18. Kingdom - You 
19. Hudson Mohawke - Thank You 
20. Canblaster - Triple Ring 
21. Brenmar - Temperature Rising 
22. Joker - On My Mind (Rustie Remix) 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


pox party, rowsdower, j baby, TRENDY ASAIN BOY, max piorkowski, timthay, mc melanin, ancient astronaut, etc.

Just a bunch of assholes trying to party for free and throw parties, but we really just hang out at fancy restaurants

check out our djing debut at SWEET MAGIC LONDON we will be bringing da dance party at the opening at REAR B alongside ARKM FOAM, DOOM TICKLER, MAN MADE HILL, ITSAGAMBLE, LIVE ACTION FEZZ and RLMDL + an after party somewhere *wink wink*


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Please note my biased towards Toronto based artist, on one hand it’s what I generally listen to when friends and friends of friends shout at me, and on the other hand, damn mother fuckers from the 416 got crunk like a 19 year old student on mdma, living in Guelph.

The mix by Toronto most notorious party starters unofficially marks the dissolution of the DJ collective we all have known to love. At under an hour, this mix of both exclusive and forward thinking tracks embody the true spirit of DJing by portraying a timeless and fun vibe, ignoring trends and genres.

With dynamic stand out tracks such as the “ZZT” GESEFFELSTEIN REMIX AND “STEEL BROTHERS” this mix is also very clinical in the placement of songs and flow, between warm up vibes, to all out streakiness. Ryne’s signature audio excerpts are icing to the cake as this mix marks a new era as the Toronto veteran becomes a worldwide force to be reckoned with.

Paired with an in-depth interview with Fact Mag/RA writer Andrew Ryce; Kevin Mcphee brings to the table an array of exclusives and a powerful concept. Mixing garage, bass, soul and what have you all to bring an emotional and sometimes spooky vibe.

The Fingers on Blast mix series and blog have been operating since early 2011, the weekly mix series has featured a variety of different DJs from all spectrums of electronic dance music. Roland Pemberton takes his mix through many genres, subgenres and rap remixes; making this mix a confused hipster’s wet dream.

The notorious hypbeast pirate comes full force and defines a fresh sound in just under an hour. Tracks like the “LIGHT UP” MISTAMEN REMIX and BRENMARS “PAPER RUNNING” portray the balance between, grime, and deep-post-bass music/what have you. There’s a “Return to da pussyhole 2” I think.

A perfect slow burning mix that makes you want to quit your day job and make snow angels for a living.

All vinyl, all one take. It even includes some corny bio story and explanation by the two chill jews that we all love to hate.

The more than notorious party monster brings puts together a mix that even yo mama can vibe out to. Both mixes are genuine and perfect in every way.

At under an hour, the breakout duo defines a deep sound but skips the hormones and brings forth emotions and storytelling to the table.

FRIENDLY FIRES may as well be one of the most important bands of my generation, individually everyone in the band actually has great DJing skills, they had these mixes only available to listen to on their official site. Single handily one of the greatest listening experiences of my life

(Obvious) Notables

“MIX 1/PAST DUE” by DAVID PATTERSON (WENZELL) – With no track list I didn’t even want to bother listening to this mix, I would just get furious that I don’t know these tracks.

“February More Proof mix” by GINGY - This mix marked the pending world domination of everyone’s favourite china boy.

“White Light 49” by THE SLOW WAVES – A breathe taking hour long original composition that will surely lower your heart rate and make you fall in love with your cat.

“FABRICLIVE x Jack Beats Loves Mix” by NEOTERIC - NEOTERIC shows us why he’s one of the most hard working fellas on the grind. A great rendition; of a deep house warm up to an uplifting elitist techno set.

“Live from the Hoxton 11.24.11 “by MEECH – “FREE” by THE YOUNG LOVERS is just one of many stand out tracks, great after hours vibes from da shorty.

“FINGERS ON BLAST 1” by YAHOYAH - My homie nailed it when just dropping tracks way before they became BPM TV “it tracks” much love.

“Pianist Envy” by CHILLY GONZALES

“Andean Ocean Mixtape” by JAVELIN

“Life Laughter Death” by JOKERS OF THE SCENE

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jacques Greene - Another Girl/(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want

While released as two separate one-off singles I decided to group 'em together to save you some trouble. Out of Montreal, Greene is one of the most consistent new producers and every track he's dropped so far has been pure fucking gold. Another Girl is my track of the year (with only one real threat), perfecting the subdued modern house sound with a beautiful female vocal sample. While being hard to top, What You Want comes impressively close. These two tunes work impeccably both on dancefloors and in headphones. Don't sleep on this.

Arkist - Rendezvous/Fill Your Coffee (2011)

Disclaimer: I know the term dubstep has some pretty awful implications so I'm hesitant to use the term, but if I do please know that I'm thinking less along the lines of Skrillex, and more along the lines of...well, this. Arkist is a super talented (and tasteful) bass musician, and this is his first single this year with another to follow in the coming months. Rendezvous is a great song in itself, but he really shines on Fill Your Coffee with it's subtle rolling basslines and it's soothing late-night vibe. Pure class.


SBTRKT (or Subtract if you couldn't piece it together) is the debut LP of the masked man's house/pop hybrid. The record is heavily collaborative, featuring numerous guests on vocals with the fellow Young Turks artist Sampha taking the reins on half the tracks, making him a fixture in the live show. While the production is undeniably top notch, Sampha's commanding vocals push this album to greatness, calling to mind a slightly deeper James Blake. The alternating vocalists and use of instrumentals makes for a really varied listen. Some pry nifty shit.

Disclosure - EP (2011)

The two brothers that make up Disclosure starting generating a lot of noise (and a nod of approval from XLR8R) upon release of this free EP which they casually dropped through facebook without so much as a real album cover (hence the two cloaked in varsity gear). Art hardly matters when the music is this good, and it's one of my most played this year for a reason. Upbeat UK bass stuff with the pitch shifted R&B samples that are thankfully so prominent in modern dance music. The formula works kids, and this is all the evidence you need.

Hourglass Sea - Return To The Crematorium (2011)

Hourglass Sea is an artist out of UK (surprise!) that combines explosive hip hop beats and shimmering retro synths with startling confidence for someone who's just popping out his first major release. For someone operating relatively under the radar, it's surprising how crisp and well-produced this cassette is. Get on it.

Elite Gymnastic - Ruin (2011)

Elite Gymnastics inhabit the should-be-awkward-but-somehow-isn't realm that teeters between summery chillwave anthems and full-out club bangers. The percussion is blown out and loud, letting the melodies and hushed vocals take a backseat to the dance rhythms. The duo has been trickling out EP's over the last year or two, but this is both their lengthiest and their best output yet.

Azari & III - S/T (2011)

Seeing as I was only eight when the decade was winding down, I wasn't exactly bringing heat on my local dancefloors, but if I had been this record would be familiar territory. Azari & III are a collective out of Toronto that hearken back to the glory days of 90's house and rave music. With just the right amount of disco cheese to balance out the futuristic techno sounds, these eleven original tunes (some of which you may have heard before as impressive and widely acclaimed singles) are refreshing and fun. With Azari and crew leading the classic house revival, it's safe to say the genre is in pretty good hands.

Rustie - Sunburst (2010)

Ever since the announcement of his forthcoming LP on Warp, Sunburst has been pretty much been owning my playlist. To say it's dubstep would be limiting as there are so many styles at play. The typography in the cover hints at the prog/metal guitars and drums being sampled, but he blends them with funk, grime and joyous electro blips and bleeps into a sound that is playfully overloaded and all the better for it. These six songs have a raw energy and danceability that refuses to be overlooked. With Glass Swords coming early next month, you'd better grab this EP now so that you can say you were on board before he drops the best record of 2011.

Koreless - 4D (2011)

It's scary that something this profound could come out of a kid who's only nineteen years old, but Glasgow's Koreless destroys expectations on his first vinyl release. Evoking scenes of an urban landscape at dusk, these two tracks feel sparse and isolated, letting the steady pulse carry them off into the night. One of the most hyped in the garage/2-step scene this year, this single is essential, and can be a pretty transcendent listening experience if you're in the right mindset.

Jamie xx - Far Nearer/Beat For (2011)

We all know his band The xx by now (and if you don't...go do some homework, k?) and he's been slowly emerging as a solo force to be reckoned with through both his DJ sets and his acclaimed Gil Scott-Heron remix album from last year. Finally, after all the hype, we finally get an original release. Numbers brings us his first two songs of future garage, the A side riding on bouncy steel drums and the B side giving us a darker, bass-driven track. Impressive shit.

Brenmar - Let Me Know (Tasting) (2011)

Brenmar, along with being one of the best dressed in the scene, happens to be making some of the most unapologetic club tunes out there right now. The bass heavy, grimy house tunes exist solely to get the dancefloor heated up and the three originals on this EP will do exactly that.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream (2011)

With one of the most fascinating LP's of the year, Araab (who was until this point known for making beats with Cam'Ron and Dipset) leaves the rap game behind in favor of making a euphoric electronic record that sounds unlike much else. Putting his machine-gun fingers to work, he skillfully samples traditional trance and house cuts and chops them up into something that sounds ethereal and dreamlike. As heavy on ambiance as it is, well...heavy, the end result is surprising and maybe even stunning.

Guerre - Darker My Love (2011)

Where would we be in 2011 if not for the emergence of PRB&B? How To Dress Well ushered in a crew of lo-fi crooners, and Guerre is among the best. Taking a slightly more polished approached than the lauded posterboy, Guerre's first official EP captures the aches of young love and lust and delivers on the promise of his prior singles. Certainly one to keep your eye on.

Clams Casino - Rainforest (2011)

Clams has pretty much got my 2011 on lock. While his previous transmissions have all been intended as stems for hip hop artists, this is his first shot at purely solo instrumentals allowing for the intricacies of his production to take the forefront. While all of his beats have been refreshingly atmospheric, Rainforest takes that a step further, taking influence from anything from mainstream producers to Boards of Canada. Aptly named, the EP is full of lush nature sounds bringing his already distinct sound to a new realm that feels as organic as it is emotive.

Blithe Field - Two Hearted (2011)

Two Hearted is electroacoustic at it's finest, taking sounds of live guitars, field recordings and voice clips and manipulating them into something that sounds not too far from the more ambient leaning side of artists like Four Tet and Gold Panda. The sound palette is pretty unconventional and the incorporation of shorter songs gives the record a natural flow. If you're at all a fan of the aforementioned, this record has been sadly overlooked for just how pretty it sounds, so get to it.

Inc. - 3 (2011)

The two brothers that compose Inc. clearly have huge man crushes on Prince and it shows shamelessly in their music. This three tracker (and their first release under the new name) is a sly piece of pop with a highly sensual undertone beneath the snare snaps. I'd advise you listen alone as it's almost guaranteed to convince you that considering to attempt the moonwalk is actually a good idea.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Com Truise - Galactic Melt (2011)

Putting aside an almost suspicious resemblance to Paul Wall (chillwave conspiracy?), Com Truise's first LP issued on Ghostly perfects his clearly defined aesthetic of cosmic, mid-tempo synth jams. Listening through Galactic Melt is like being transported into a sci-fi film from 1987, and all your co-stars are really, really sexy. Yeah.

Pictureplane - Thee Physical (2011)

With Thee Physical, Travis has crafted exactly what I'd imagine the soundtrack to a rave for high school rejects to sound like. With it's noisy rough-around-the-edges approach and his soft (even timid) vocals he manages to strike a balance between the confident and awkward. Maybe it's a dissertation on fetishism and the importance of touch in an increasingly detached world, or maybe it's just a fucking cool dance record. Either way...it bangs. Look out for the guest spot from the lovely Nika of Zola Jesus fame.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Balam Acab - Wander/Wonder

The first full-length release from Balam Acab is permeated by water. The rushing, rustling, dripping and gentle lapping all evoke a sound as cavernous as its eerie album cover. It's ambient music with structure, dark while being uplifting, and another near-perfect release from the enigmatic Tri-Angle records.