Saturday, June 23, 2012


We have a very special show coming up, djing alongside some great acts at APKLIVE, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

On july 6,fucking sms crew will be djing between bands and after, alongside CASTLEDRUM homie LIVE ACTION FEZZ, RLMDL and touring bands; YOUNG MAGIC and QUILT, from da Brooklyn and Boston.

Both YOUNG MAGIC (brookyln) and QUILT (boston) have gained amazing coverage at all the stops, pitchfork, stereogum, etc, you know, all those yuppy reading hipster websites.

QUILT, they have a song called "disco music for trees"

but man RLMDL brings; sexy-crimp-ass-romantic vibes on his set, the Toronto producer and fellow SWEET MAGIC fam/ hearthrob can single handidly make you fall in love with a lightbulb when listening to him live, the kicks just reminisce in your heart and it makes you wanna be a cat on drugs

speaking of cats, mr LIVE ACTION FEZZ, just released an amazing release on PRETTY PRETTY RECORDS.
 "CHANGES" is the culmination of dark meets light; alot of UK FUNKY/BASS meets AVANT GARDE POP. With a crazy slew of projects under his belt and a crazy showing at KAZOO FEST, this 20 something year old basically runs Guelph and is sure to take over our ear drums as well.


im dropping mercy, when ya'll get drunkkkkkkkkk

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